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John Walsh and Fred Wigg - Frequently asked Questions

Why this estate?

The Montague Road Estate was identified as an area in need of improvement in the borough’s Priority Estates Review in 2010. The estate was built in 1966 and is in need of investment due to its age and a number of design flaws that make it difficult for residents to live in.

Why hasn’t the investment been made sooner?

Whilst the estate was earmarked in need of investment in late 2010 through the borough’s Priority Estates Review no money was available to carry out any major works at that time. There is now a limited amount of funding available for the Council to work in partnership with Waltham Forest Housing to improve the estate.

Will Fred Wigg and John Walsh towers be knocked down?

No, we hope to develop an improvement programme with you that will improve the estate, and deal with the problems that you would like to see fixed without the need for the homes to be demolished. 

How long will we have to wait for the works to take place?

We know that residents want to see the place where they live improved, and we will work with them to make sure that we come up with a good plan. Depending on the type of works that take place we would hope that these would start in late 2014/early 2015.

What happens to the maintenance issues that need to be addressed now?

The Council will work to address any on-going maintenance concerns and work with residents to ensure that the estate is looked after ahead of the improvement works starting.

Will I have to move out of my home?

It is likely that when the improvement works take place that there will be some disruption to residents. We will try and keep any disruption to a minimum, but until we know what type of improvements will take place we cannot give specific details about how they will affect you. We think that it is unlikely that most residents will have to move out permanently if they wish to remain in their homes.  There will be more specific information about how you will be affected as the project develops.

Can I move out of the estate?

The Council is looking at ways in which residents could move to other areas in the borough if they choose to. Obviously the available social housing in the borough is limited and in high demand so this might not be possible. 

How do I get involved?

The Council will form a steering group made up of residents elected representative from Fred Wigg and John Walsh towers. They will plan a key role in shaping plans, feeding back other residents’ ideas and keeping everybody informed. To nominate yourself for membership of the steering group please contact Keith Gresham on 020 8496 5401 or Meera Kumar on 020 8496 5592.

In addition there will be a host of opportunities for you to get involved. Along with regular consultation events and newsletters, a Project Shop manned by officers from the Council and Waltham Forest Housing will be opening on the estate shortly. This will be the perfect place for you to find out the latest information and look at plans as they develop.

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